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Professional Lighting Designer

Ben Kadishson

New York & the Tri-State Area, Since 1984

Working With Ben

There are two sides to lighting design: the aesthetic and the practical.

Aesthetically, lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing architecture and interior design, contributing to visual comfort and promoting interaction with the space.

The practical aspect of the designer’s job lies not only in creating the design but in specifying material that will bring that vision to life. 

Ben’s ability to choose from the host of products on the market is the result of experience. For four decades, he has planned and specified lighting systems in NYC and the tristate area. He gained first-hand experience examining, testing, implementing an all-encompassing array of spec-grade lighting fixtures. His work has spanned the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential fields.

Once he understands your vision for an upcoming project, he can clarify the options, be on the lookout for unforeseen developments, ensure that excellent solutions are achieved within a given budget (without compromising quality), and craft a plan to optimize both function and appearance.