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Lighting Design that Enhances Architecture

Artful lighting brings out the beauty of quality finishes and materials while optimizing a space’s functionality.

Lighting Design Services & Solutions

What is Lighting Design?

Lighting design is a branch of the visual arts combined with the ever-evolving technology of illumination. The lighting designer’s goal is to understand and enhance the vision of the architect, designer or end user through the thoughtful, curated choice of fixtures and sources of illumination. Ben Kadishson has been designing lighting for commercial, residential, and industrial sites in the tri-state NY area since 1984. His areas of expertise include the creation of “quiet ceilings” that illuminate the space without visual distraction; highlighting fine art, beautiful furnishings and other elements of interest; and implementing new technologies.

Residential Lighting Design


Every residence projects its own personality, its own mood. Ben works side-by-side with architects and home builders to unite their visions with his expertise in lighting design. With the right lighting, a beautifully designed house becomes a home.

Hospitality Lighting Design

Retail & Hospitality

Lighting affects how customers feel and interact within a space. The right design can motivate repeat business from high-end consumers, and improve sales. Ben’s lighting design systems elevate customer satisfaction and leave a positive impression.

Commercial Lighting Design

Office & Commercial

Business spaces require an aesthetic and practical approach. Invisible track lights or adjustable recess lights, for example, can illuminate the work environment and provide a calm, yet professional atmosphere for both staff and office visitors.

Qualified & Trusted

“As a landscape architect and urban planner, I knew and admired Ben’s work on exterior lighting projects. When we decided to renovate our kitchen and add an addition to our house, we turned to him, hoping he would use his ‘commercial’ skills and abilities in a ‘residential’ context. We planned our kitchen and den, choosing higher-end flourishes, but it was only when the lighting was installed, that the whole project came to life. Ben’s designs are not only attractive – we get lots of compliments – but also versatile, functional and easy on our eyes. It’s a joy spending time in these rooms and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together!”

Elizabeth Rogan, AICP/PP
About Lighting Designer

Ben Kadishson

Ben approaches his work as a balancing of architecture, design and lighting. While all architectural spaces need light for functional reasons, Ben optimizes lighting choices in such a way as to organically elevate the moods and atmospheres desired for the space.

I count On Ben For Lighting that Enhances My Work

“Ben’s been a tremendous help to me because he knows how to highlight architectural features with light in a subtle and beautiful way. Whenever I have a design where I need to select lighting that enhances my work, I count on Ben to help me find an appropriate fixture which satisfies the function and the aesthetic I want. If my client wants alternatives, he is also extremely willing to explore other options or possibilities. There is always a solution to the problem at hand with Ben.

“For over 15 years he has been involved with many of my projects. The fixtures are always delivered on time and with the proper bulbing, arrived with proper bulbing temperature, and finished with the right color. He makes sure that the fixtures always do enhance the space. Ben even offers to travel several hours outside of his office to a job site out of town and assist an electrician with the install of the fixtures. Reliable, trustworthy, and prompt are three adjectives which immediately come to mind whenever I work with Ben. I look forward to working together on many more projects in the future.”

Julie Schaffer, Architect & Interior Designer